Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY bird feeder

So, this was a last minute I-need-an-activity-to-entertain-the-kids kind of project so the photos are awful and I didn't even get a snapshot of the final product. Bear with me and use your imagination!

For this simple DIY bird feeder, you'll need some birdseed, twine, a hole punch, honey, brushes, two plates and an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll.

First step is to punch a hole in the cardboard (this is where your twine will go.)

Drizzle some honey on a plate (sticky, messy, fun.)

Use a brush to "paint" the honey onto the paper roll. When it's sufficiently covered, roll it over birdseed. 

Can you spot the hidden bird feeder in the photo below? How cool is that camouflage? Well, that's as close to a final product as you're going to get. I'm guessing at this point, things got hectic in my house and I threw the camera down to put out some proverbial fire. 

But, next, you'd loop some twice through the hole and hang in your nearest tree!

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