Monday, October 29, 2012

halloween spooky and sweet

Well, the Halloween festivities are in full swing! Between school parties, our own party and friends' parties, Mr. P. has had many a costume change over the past few days.

I think my favorite of his many impromptu costumes (he's saving Harry Potter for the big day) was when he grabbed a medal, a robe and a feathered mask to wear to a party. When I asked him who he was he looked at me like I had a few screws loose and said, "Spiderman's brother!"

Oh, of course! Silly me.

We've done some spooky Halloween prep (from online photo editor PicMonkey):

Spooky right? Looks like they're all wearing makeup, but's all been photoshopped (or shall I say Picmonkeyed?)

Then there was this sweet Halloween paper doll project I first read about on the blog How About Orange, but you can find the dolls here and then the Halloween outfits here.

The boys had fun changing their outfits before they began wrestling on the bed and thus ended the short lives of our paper dolls!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

paper pom tutorial

My vision for our little Halloween fete this weekend included some homemade orange and black decorative poms, but apparently this was not an original idea as Joanne's sold out of that color scheme. I could have run around town seeking out said color scheme (I am stubborn) but I am also lazy, so I settled on red and white (I was thinking..."blood" and "skeletons"...creepy enough. 

I used to make little yarn poms in elementary school and tissue poms are basically the same idea. Start with your paper. I believe each package came with about 8 large pieces of tissue paper. 

Accordion fold each bundle. 

wrap a pipe cleaner around the center of the bundle (a rubber band would work nicely here as well).

cut the ends into points or a rounded shape - whatever you'd prefer.

kind of looks like a big piece of farfalla:

now start peeling each layer away causing your pom to fluff up:

And there you have it! A simple decorative pop of color!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

pumpkin patch

We are creatures of habit and every year we make the trek to Underwood Farms to pick our pumpkins and play some Halloween games. 

This place can get a little crazy so we got there as early as possible (not to mention it was 90 degrees the day we went....ugh) 

They climbed hay bales:

Rode a tractor:

Visited a pumpkin house:

Played some games:

Then it was time to get to work!

So many to choose from!

Is this one good?

We gathered our goods:

picking pumpkins in 90 degree heat can be exhausting!

Apparently we like to make the same joke year after year:



And we like to take the same shot of the kids:




They were happy to wagon back for a treat:

lemonade with licorice straws:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

wizarding robe tutorial

My boys would like to be one of everything for Halloween. They have a few parties to go to and the school Halloween parade and then the big night. However, I'm only making them one costume, so any other ideas they'll need to create on their own or borrow from friends. 

This year, after going back and forth what felt like a million times, Mr. P. decided to be Harry Potter (he's fully immersed in that world - reading the 4th book in the series now and I have to say, I can't wait til read aloud time at the end of each day. I think I may be more into it at this point?) Doodle decided on Draco Malfoy in order to compliment his brother's costume. 

Here's a very easy wizarding robe that you can customize depending on which "house" your Harry Potter character resides. 

2 yards of black fabric (I used a fake sateen)
sewing machine
matching thread
contrasting double sided bias tape
measuring tape

1. Measure your child with their arms out to the side from one wrist to the other. Then measure them from their neck to their ankle or wherever you'd like the robe to fall. 

2.Using these measurements, cut your material into a rectangle (depending on the size of your child, it might look more like a square as Mr. P. is almost as long as he is tall). 

3.  Fold your material in half (the fold line is at the top)

4. Using chalk and starting in the lower corner, sketch out a robe pattern so you have sort of the bottom of a triangle and then right angles that go out to the side where the arms will be (your chalk line will look like the number "7" on one side and a backwards "7" on the other side. 

5. Cut out the design. I cut out one side normally as seen below....

and then folded the half cut robe back onto itself to ensure an even cut on the other side. 

here we are all cut out  nicely. 

6. Using your sewing machine, hem the sleeves. You can fold and then iron the sleeves twice before sewing or you can be lazy like me and fold inward once, refuse to iron and then sew. 

7. Once the sleeves are done you're going to want to cut the front part of the robe. See the photo below. Start at the bottom of the robe and cut up the center til you reach the top. CUT ONLY THE FRONT LAYER OF THE ROBE! 

8. Get your bias tape (I did one robe for Mr. P in red since he is Harry and one robe for Doodle in green for Malfoy) and sew along each opening you just cut. 

9. The last thing to do is to hem the bottom of the robe. Again, you can either fold inward twice and iron then sew, or just fold inward once and sew (the lazy version). 

If you want to enhance the costume, check out my wizarding wand tutorial! These scarves were on sale at Barnes and Nobles. And these lensless glasses were donated to our dress up area by my father. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dark Shadows winner

The winner of the Dark Shadows DVD is #11

Trasina who said, "I'm a child of the Light which sounds pretty boring to me lol."

Congratulations! I will email you shortly to get your mailing address. Everyone else, thanks for playing!

Friday, October 19, 2012

what I ate #10 - belated birthday

It was Mr. Meremade's birthday a few weeks ago (I've gotten behind on my backlog of posts). 
He got to celebrate with a close group of friends after the fact, but on his actual birthday, we had a mini soiree for 4 at home. 

There was farmer's market crudite with homemade hummus. 

I love all of these vibrant colors!

I picked up his favorite penne vodka from a restaurant in Santa Monica that he's been frequenting his whole life. 

And some roasted vegetables from the farmer's market. 

It was a perfect end of summer meal! (wait a minute, summer is not's over 90 degrees out there!??)

In addition to the Game of Thrones book series, I also gave him this series of history books on Los Angeles. I had previously given him the Brentwood edition (where we both grew up). We had so much fun seeing what our old neighborhood looked like 100 years ago that when I came across the Westwood and Santa Monica versions, I had to buy them. It's amazing how much a place can change in just a few years. 

For dessert, a simple chocolate chip zucchini loaf with salmon raspberries. (he's not a big dessert guy, so I really just made it so the kids wouldn't complain.)

Happy Happy Birthday!! (See, I can extend your birthday by weeks and weeks!!)