Monday, September 3, 2012

whimsic afternoon

You know when you hear about something for the first time - something that you never knew even existed....and then all of a sudden EVERYONE seems to be talking about it? 

Well, that's what happened when I learned about Whimsic Alley - the Harry Potter store in Los Angeles. First, my mom called to tell me about it and not a day later, another friend told me about it and on that same day a different friend called to tell me about it. 

So let me introduce to to Whimsic Alley! An Awesome Harry Potter store that also hosts luncheons (for kids) dinners and pub crawls (for adults) and even summer camp!

They tried to make it look like Diagon Alley, with various individual shops housed under the same roof:

There was a quiddich:

A candy shop:

An animal companion shop:

A wand shop (this was my favorite. They had EVERY character's wand...even ones I'd never heard of before) The boys settled on James and Harry Potter's wands. 

A hat shop:

They even got a Draco Malfoy look alike to work there!

We made some new friends:

And played in the telephone booth:

Dobby greeted us at the cashier:

And in case you were wondering, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans are just as disgusting as they are in the books!


  1. Going here soon! Oh my gosh, I freakin' LOVE love love love love LOVE Harry Potter!!!!

  2. you will be in Harry Potter heaven!


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