Wednesday, September 5, 2012

map wrap

This is not the sort of rap I spoke of a few days ago.....rather I'm referring to its brotherly homonym, wrap. 

It was my sister's birthday last week! She spent the summer in Barcelona and commemorate this experience, we got her a framed city map. 


Usually I wrap presents in recycled grocery bags. I like the natural look of the paper bag and I like that I'm repurposing the paper, but in this case, the pressie was over-sized. 


So instead, I used on of those free AAA maps as wrapping paper! My parents had given a stash to Mr. P. to play with (he loves maps) but I also thought that given the present, the wrapping paper was very apropos. 

And in case you were wondering how Mr. P. did at the fancy-pants brunch my parents treated us to? Well, sadly, he fell ill (he just gets a fever when he's sick) and fell asleep mid-day on my lap. This is the same child who stopped napping at 15 months so I knew something was wrong! After 2 days of R and R, he's back to his high-energy self. 

So next time you have an over-sized wrap it! Yo!


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