Sunday, September 23, 2012

farm camp

Things have been a little hectic over here.....sick boy......husband was out of events....and a little minor surgery for Mom. So apologies for lack of posts!

Today, the shuttle Endeavor flew across California and circled around various landmarks in L.A. Apparently, they got confused and thought our house was a significant landmark because it flew right over! It was so exciting!! Mr. P. was home sick from school, so he got to experience it as well (I wonder if they took Doodle out of class to see it? Hope so!)

I'd post a pic, but by the time I got my was gone! Nice to see my San Francisco friends and other L.A. friends posting their photos over Facebook. 

This was, all in all, a pretty mellow summer with a road trip to Sonoma and another road trip to farm camp!

Let me give you a little history about Plantation Farm Camp for Boys and Girls. 

I started out as a camper there when I was eight years old (I somehow summoned enough bravery to leave town for 3 1/2 weeks to go live on a farm.) It was love at first sight!

I loved the rustic environment, being responsible for the animals and the great friends I made. 

So I kept going and going and going until I was no longer a camper. Problem solved...I became a counselor! And I stayed and stayed and then I became art coordinator and then assistant director and then finally when I was 23 years old, I retired from camp....or so I thought.....

Enter family camp!!! We went when Mr. P. was three years old when Doodlebop was still in my belly. 

And this summer, I finally felt as though Doodle was old enough to appreciate it and not fall out of the tent at night (as Mr. P. had the first time he went.)

We did SO much during our time there!

There was lots of swimming:

Taking care of the animals:

collecting chicken eggs:

milking the goats:
(and this is what I look like camping. I'm still in my pj's in this photo!)

and then giving the milk to the baby goats:

We strolled through the garden:

picked snap peas:

ate blackberries:

rang the lunchtime bell:

they got to work a slingshot:

shoot an arrow:

strolled to the lake:


Mr. P. even got to paddle a canoe all on his own! Pretty cool feat for a 6 year old!

Boogied at a barn dance:

and experienced the best sleeps of our lives:

time in the woods does wonders:

And so does catching up with dear friends. This is my closest camp friend. We were campers together, counselors together and then met up at camp this summer with our little ones!

I can't say enough about how much being at camp changed me as a person. At camp I found my independence and fostered amazing, lifelong friendships. At camp I was treated with respect and given a tremendous amount of responsibility. At camp I was allowed to make my own choices about activities and interests. As a camper, I met kids from all parts of the country and from all different backgrounds. As a counselor I worked with people from England, Scotland, Russia, Tanzania and Australia. And I have to say, when it came time to leave home and go to college, I was unfazed as I had already spent 9 summers away from home. 

I feel so lucky to have chosen them at a camp fair in Los Angeles over 28 years ago!!!

happy camper age 14

What did you love about camp?

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  1. Love this entry - esp the pix of kids doing archery. I loved camp for the independence, too, and the summer friends and the counselors I always had crushes on (Henrik!) and the songs around the campfires.


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