Monday, August 6, 2012

birthday bliss

It was my birthday last week....the big 3-6! And I got to spend the day with Mr. P. who made it his mission to let EVERYONE know just exactly how old I was turning. 

We went on a little adventure to downtown L.A. to a bookstore called The Last Bookstore, that was described to me as "putting Hogwart's to shame." Well, I don't know that Harry Potter would have felt that was, but it was pretty magical with secret enclaves made out of books:

book murals:

row and rows of books:

zany book sculptures:

I found this vintage copy of Dreiser's Sister Carrie, but I didn't care for that book so much the first time around, I decided to pass, even though it and everything on the sprawling second floor was only $1. 

did I mention there were books?

and more books:

Here's a view of the first floor:

Even the checkout area was made out of books! I walked out of there with a few CD's, a Dave Brubeck record, a short story collection, two UCLA music ethnography books and some kids books (everything $1!)

Next up was lunch at Cole's, L.A.'s oldest restaurant. Apparently, there's a secret speakeasy in the back. There's also a lot of great, historical photographs there. Here's Mr. P.'s face when my mom and I told him gangsters used to come here for lunch:

The unchanged menu:

Their famous french dip and coleslaw I ordered:

Mr. P. stole my camera:

Next was the vegan bakery, Babycakes (I've referenced their cookbooks in posts before). We ordered some treat for later:

My boys got me a Vitamix for my birthday! I've had it for 3 days now and I think I've made at least 12 things in it! "That's a lot of cleanup!" you which I say, "Fear not! It self cleans!!!" I mean, can you believe it??

We rounded out the evening with on the rooftop deck of the Hotel Erwin with a 360 degree view of Venice. Once minute we were watching the sun set over Malibu... 

and the next minute the full moon was rising behind us. Here's my friend Al and I...

All in all thirty-six ain't so bad!!!

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  1. Happy late birthday! I hope you had a great time! I'm ready to plan a trip to Cole's VERY SOON!

    See you soon!


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