Sunday, August 26, 2012


I wanted to share my my latest app obsession introduced to me by my friend Ryan. It's called autorap and basically what you do is speak into the phone and it takes your words and rhythmically transforms it into a rap. 

This can be highly entertaining with a 3-year old. 

Take, for example, Doodlebop's latest smash hit "Crazy You Are."
The app will take one phrase from his babble, in this case, the phrase, "crazy you are" which you will hear at the beg. of the song. 

First you hear him say, "I really like" then the song segues into babble, but then you'll hear phrases like, "I'm Barbosa. I'm Master Yoda, crazy you are, master Yoda I am, Houtini!"(Houtini is what the Jawas yell in Star Wars, in case you were wondering.)

CLICK HERE to hear his rap. 

You can choose different beats or pay for upgrades to better beats (I haven't done that yet, but I totally would.) But the bare bones app is free!!

I'll spare you the rap my sister did about her eye doctor appointment (not because it's not brilliant, but because I think she'd kill me.)

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