Monday, July 30, 2012

what I ate #3 - vegan party

Are you sick of reading about what I ate? Well, I'm sicking of eating, so this will be the last one of these for a while....

One of my closest friends from grad school is a vegan. She used to be a sort of in, give her a glass or two of wine and she'd inch closer and closer to the cheese plate. But now, she's pretty strict. She came to dinner last week with another grad school friend so I decided to serve them a vegan meal. 

First, was this Cashew Alfredo Pasta I found on Kumi Kitchen - a vegan Facebook page. Link here to be taken to the page and then search for The Ultimate Yogi's Alfredo Pasta. 

This was such an easy and hearty meal that involved soaking cashews for hours and then blending them down with miso and water to form a paste that resembles a cheese sauce. I added some fresh herbs from the garden et voila! I would definitely make this again. Next time, I'll try it out on the kids...could be a good new source of protein. 

Then I served this avocado, tofu and seaweed salad. 

The inspiration came earlier in the day when I was picking Mr. P. up from a playdate. After his mom made me this phenomenal cappuccino (do you think she thought I was weird for whipping out my camera?):

She showed some Chinese cookbooks she had recently bought. I stumbled upon this photo and made her translate the ingredients. 

I mean, if this doesn't scream vegan dinner party, I don't know what does. Here's how you make it: avocado, firm tofu, seaweed (I used the kind I give the kids and just cut it up into strips) topped with some chili flakes, salt, pepper and sesame seeds. I poured a soy sauce / rice vinegar on top. 

For dessert I made this rhubarb snacking cake from...Smitten Kitchen (go figure). 

It was NOT vegan, which was fine because my friend came with an armful of Babycakes vegan cupcakes. 

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