Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ninja week

We rounded up our first "homeschool" week between summer camps. Mr. P selected the theme "Ninjas. Here are some of the ninjafied activities we completed!

We read Magic Treehouse's "Night of the Ninja"

We made origami ninja star (also called shuriken). Click here to see a youtube video about how to make it. 

Click here for a step by step handout. 

Mr. P. completed a ninja maze. 

We sang the Barenaked Ladies song "The Ninjas". Click here to see a video of them on youtube singing it! 

We read a bunch of books from the Wink the Ninja series:

Wink the Ninja who wanted to be noticed.

Wink the Ninja who wanted to nap. 

We watched the video of Mr. P. in his homemade Halloween costume from last year practicing his Ninja moves:

And finally, I wanted to give him the chance to see the Karate Kid (I know, not a Ninja but besides Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I couldn't think up much else!) The question is, which movie do we watch? Karate Kid from the 1984?

  Or the revamped version from 2010? I'm kind of a stickler for the original versions, so I think we'll start there. 


  1. Oh no, I feel very cheated! The link for the video of the boys singing actually just took me to the maze. Not that I don't like a good maze, but it pales in comparison (I'm sure) to the You Tube video!

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