Tuesday, July 3, 2012

night at the museum

I'd seen the movie and then I lived it. 

We recently had a wild opportunity to have a slumber party inside the Natural History Museum here is Los Angeles. It was just too cool to pass up!

Here we are being shown to our tents which were spread across the Hall of Mammals (we slumbered next to the Hyenas.

I had an affinity for the baby hippo.

The boys liked checking out the dinosaurs. 

We met a real python. 

Made some faux fossils. 

contemplated more dinosaurs in our jammies.

And then it was time to sleep.... 

...after much groaning about missing home. 

If the animals came to life at night as they did in the movie, they were certainly very, very quiet about it. 


  1. The post is talking about night in museum. Good fil

  2. That is some news. Great going. Best of luck for further endeavours


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