Friday, July 20, 2012

i'm bored board

I hate the words, "I'm bored." 

I remember saying it myself when I was little and what I've gleaned is that it doesn't really mean "there's nothing to do" - it means, "I don't know what to do." 

With a lot of downtime this summer, I anticipated that these words would be uttered more than once, so in a preemptive strike, I cobbled together a Bored Board - a list of various activities the kids could do when they mentioned the dreaded "b" word. 

So here's my master list. I've divided them into arts and crafts / outings / cooking and baking / and activities. I've starred the ones we've completed so far. Feel free to add to it in the comments section!

Every Day:
*- read aloud
*- practice piano
*-write in summer journal or letters to friends

Art/ Craft  Projects:
-Popsicle stick bracelets
-summer journal
-summer treasure box

**-join library reading program

-photo walk
-nature walk
**-Farmer's Market
-Underwood Farms
-Aaron Brothers
-Light saber class
-Bus to Hammer
-Second hand store
-fly kite 
**-Kidspace Pasadena

Cooking / Baking
fruit roll ups
cinnamon pull apart bread
**basic bread
baked doughnuts
make jam
**make Popsicles

**play hopscotch
outside tent
marshmallow tooth pick fun
bubble fun
pegboard and yarn
jet pack
bird feeders
**lemonade stand
summer poetry
memorize a poem and say it to 3 people
**walk dog
organize a movie night
highlights hidden pictures
**guitar sing along
**out to movie
**bike ride
**audio book
make a pool boat
make summer photo book
make a kite
**make play-doh
make a treasure hunt for brother

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