Thursday, July 12, 2012

Babka Bliss

Are you wondering what happened to the sewing portion of this blog??
Me too. 
My sewing table has become the catch-all in the playroom and is currently covered in kids' clothing, light sabers, artwork and anything other than sewing accoutrement. I do plan on cleaning it up and getting back to work on my projects soon though!

In the meantime I have been cooking up a storm! I made Sardinian carrot gnocchi from scratch with a light leek sauce and tonight it's lamb chops in a cherry relish (okay, my husband gets all the credit for that one.) 

Have you been over to Smitten Kitchen? It's my favorite cooking blog. I plan on making this chopped salad with feta lime and mint for lunch today. 

And a few days ago I made these chocolate swirl buns, inspired by Martha Stewart's original Babka recipe. They were SO delicious! 

I would have eaten all of them myself in one sitting, but I decided it would be more prudent to share them with Doodlebop's preschool teachers instead. 

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