Monday, June 18, 2012

Holy Cucumbers!

I found some surprises in my garden! 

5 fat cucumbers!! (and three skinny zucchini!)

I sliced the cukes up and added some bulgur, feta cheese, lemon juice and salt and pepper. Delicious!

And who knew that cucumbers were so prickly?!? This gardener still has some green left in her thumb!

Tomorrow, the winner of the earrings giveaway will be announced!


  1. Ooh how lovely. I'm not a cucumber fan generally but your recipe sounds delicious! Maggie xx

  2. If the cucumbers are a mildly prickly variety (as opposed to a aggressively prickly variety), then you can just rub them with a paper towel or dishtowel under running water. This leaves the little bumps where the prickers were, but takes off the points. Then they are ready to eat!


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