Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Go Kings Go!

I'll have you know the words, "Go Dogs Go!" have come out of my mouth far more often than the words, "Go Kings Go"- however, I had the good fortune of being able to attend two of the final hockey games this past week - the second one being the final game when my Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup!!!

We had a little pre-game libations.....

Perhaps love of the game is in my Canadian blood (both my parents are from Montreal) or my sheer disdain for sitting and watching sports in the sun, but I LOVED watching these hockey games!

The players were incredibly graceful, the game was super fast-paced and it went by pretty quickly, unlike its cousin, baseball, which, I'm sorry to say tends to drag on and on.

My husband is a HUGE hockey fan and player and has been his whole life. He also happens to be a huge Sopranos fan, so imagine his sheer delight when his night consisted of:

a) going to game 6 of the hockey finals

b) sitting next to Tony Soprano himself! (the last time I asked for a celebrity photo was when I was 13 and posed with both Jason Priestly and Luke Perry - how embarrassing! But what a kick ass photo! I'll post it if I can find it!)

c) having the Kings win the Stanley Cup!

d) And the cherry on top was when Justin Williams threw his glove up at the end of the game and guess who caught it!

It was so much fun to see him having the best night ever!! 

And here's a newspaper photo a friend emailed us the next day! Can you spot us??

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