Sunday, June 24, 2012

from lego chaos to lego calm

It's all about the Legos around here these days. The second the boys walk in the door, they're off and building, modifying, deconstructing. 

I love Legos! Not so much the step by step constructions, but I love when all the pieces from all the difference sets get jumbled together and new, unique creations are made!

We have a lot of Legos all over the place. And lemme tell you, those puppies HURT when you step on them barefoot!!

When our Lego collection began busting at the seams and stray Legos could be found in every corner of the house, I knew it was time to get organized. 

For a while, the Legos all sat in a bin which got dumped on the floor each morning (but rarely cleaned up).

Then, my dormant oc kicked into high gear and I bought a bunch of drawers, hellbent on organizing the Legos by color. I did a lot of the Lego sorting when I was out of the hospital on bed rest and heavily medicated. Apparently Vicadin and Lego sorting go nicely together. 

I grouped the Legos by color, red-orange-yellow, green-blue-purple, black-white, brown and grays in the big bin (we have a lot of gray due to all the Star Wars sets the kids have.) 

In another bin, I bought some smaller plastic bins and sorted the heads-bodies, accessories, dice and Ninjago pieces. 

I labeled the boxes and left one big bin free. This became the "to-sort" bin. I don't expect my kids to re-sort the Legos by color each time they're finished playing with them. But I do expect them to clean up after themselves. 

So when they're done playing, they use this little broom and dustpan to collect all the stray Legos and place them into the "to sort" bin. I go through this bin and sort them by color, usually the next time the kids are playing Legos. (without the meds, it's a bit more tedious, but equally as satisfying.) 

How do you organize your Legos?

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