Saturday, May 19, 2012

little distractions and a winner!

I realize I had planned to post the winner of the 250 stickers yesterday....however, I was thwarted by a devious little ovarian cyst that decided to cause me all sorts of trouble yesterday. So instead of posting a winner, I was getting poked at prodded at my local ER. 

All is fine now but Hawaii Week might need to be extended by a day or two!

So, the winner of the 250 sticker giveaway is: pontowd

who said, "great giveaway.. i am now an email follower.. looks fun"

I will be emailing you shortly!! Everyone else, thanks for playing! And guess what, there will be another great giveaway starting on Monday!

Happy, healthy cysts to all.......


  1. thanks i will be awaiting the email

  2. i never got my prize.. can you tell me why

  3. That is really bizarre! The prize wasn't sent by me, but by a third party who offered up the prize in the first place. I will track them down and email them today and see what happened.


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