Monday, May 28, 2012


Pre-cyst rupture, Mr. P. had a random day off of school, so we grabbed my mom and decided to explore LACMA - Los Angeles County Museum of Art. 

I knew he would not be one to peruse exhibits hours on end because he tends to move through life quickly (unless playing chess). In order to help get him excited for the trip, I decided to investigate the art at the museum, pick a few that I thought would resonate with him and make a little art scavenger hunt for him. 

But first, he spent some time (and I mean a lot of time) with this hands-on dangling plastic yellow thread installation:

Then we went to see Chris Burden's Metropolis - a kinetic rendering of a city including trains and cars that move during certain times throughout the day. We got there just before the switch was flipped so it was fun to see the piece some to life! You can hear him yelling "There! That silver one! It's coming out!"

After a snack and maybe some whining, it was time for the scavenger hunt. He got really into this and the pieces of art he was looking for were just so much more meaningful since he got to study them at home first. 

We found this Picasso (he liked that it was mostly blue like his shirt and I wondered how Steve Buscemi made his way into a Picasso painting?)

And this one titled The Centaur (also by Picasso) - although after a few times around, something about it spooked him and he avoided that gallery for the rest of our visit. 

Magritte's "This is Not A Pipe". We talked about the concept and he totally got it and decided he wanted to do his own versions...such as a drawing of  a light saber and write, "This is not a light saber."

It was a fun trip (we were there just over two hours) and it's getting me excited for summer break!!!

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