Wednesday, May 16, 2012

vacation food

Is it odd that I come home from vacation with as many photos of the food I ate as I have photos of my kids? 

You know the term food pornography? Well, that's what I feel like all these photos are. 

The saddest part is I took so many photos of all the fish I ate.....where did they all go? you have those photos? Well, if I find them, I'll update this page. 

For now, feast your eyes on the above (okay, fruit loops are by no means a Hawaiian delicacy, but Mr. P. was beside himself when he discovered them at a breakfast buffet.

And these pictured below?

Lemon souffle pancakes. 
To die for. 

The first time I saw them on the menu, I ordered them, but I was told they would take 20 minutes and the kids were being unruly, so I cancelled the order. I couldn't stop thinking about them for days and dragged my family back to the same restaurant. I was met with a lot of "not this place again!" Armed with toys and writing utensils for the kids I ordered them again and not-so-patiently waited. 

So worth the wait! I will try and recreate them at some point and post the recipe here. They were so light and fluffy!

To see my favorite Hawaiian food spot, the local farmer's market, click here

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