Friday, April 13, 2012

a trip to the getty

The Getty Museum has become quite a landmark in Los Angeles. It is a stunning work of architecture that boasts an extraordinary permanent collection as well as visiting art. 

Since Doodlebop is off school for another week (that's right, I'm on week three of the kids' vacation), we met up with some preschool friends to explore the Getty. 

I think the highlight for them may have been the 3 minute tram ride to get there - up the side of the mountain.

We perused the children's center - a small, hands-on wing with lots to explore. 

An interesting tube room......with lots of room to manipulate (and cool lighting for photographs!)


A replica of an antique bed with books to read:

A white board / bug room where the kids could write on the walls:

And a mask-making station:


The grounds are amazing...I think the stone was all flown in from Italy. 

The gardens were closed for renovation, but the views were open for enjoyment! That's the Pacific in the distance and west Los Angeles. 

Good, clean, free fun. 

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