Thursday, April 5, 2012

He's Three!

Doodlebop turned three over a month ago, but it's been such a whirlwind it took this long for me to post about it!

He requested a pirate-themed party which I was really excited about! Of course, when the big day came, I was busy running around and forgot to take photos of so many things!!

We decorated the yard with netting and cut out colorful fish to decorate: 

Outside, we set up a bunch of empty boxes and paper for the kids to play with. It almost seemed to easy to have them play with our recycleables, but they loved it!!

I had these felt pirate boards lying around the house:

And gathered whatever kinds of boat toys we had: 

and what's a party without sidewalk chalk?

Mr. P. helped organize a treasure hunt complete with map: 

Things inside the treasure chest included these handmade pirate eye patches (click here for tutorial)

As well as making their own periscope (another photo I forgot to take!) 

There was pin the treasure on the map:

The table was set:

Tons of Caribbean food which of course I didn't photograph. But I did get this watermelon monster vomiting fruit. Thanks, husband! 

The grown ups had their pirate wine:

I got this great cake idea from Disney...

I presented the cake and....whoops! The paper sails caught on fire!! Nothing like a little hazardous drama at a three-year-old's party! 

Time for pinata and then everybody home!

So we could open presents.

I just can't believe how quickly three years went by!

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