Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Greek Night

We had such a fun dinner party the other night! remember French Night? Well, we decided to host a Greek Night in honor of my husband's heritage. Although, really, I should say it's Greek inspired as I veered from tradition a bit. 

There was a simple green salad. 

Orchiette with tomatoes olives and basil

Greek rice with Tomatoes, oregano, spinach and cheese.

And my husband's specialty, lamb chops. Simple, on the grill with some oregano and lemon. 

They went quickly. 

throw in some good friends:

some nice wine.....this is my friend from grad school. He and I have a habit of taking photos together to send to our third friend from grad school who sadly doesn't live here. 

And the grand finale....homemade cheesecake! This recipe was from Martha Stewart. It's kind of like an upside down cheese cake with the graham cracker crust on top covered with jam and berries. Sadly there was none left to have with my coffee the next morning. 

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