Saturday, April 7, 2012

golden egg tutorial

Here's a quick, easy and last minute Easter activity....

Remember that goose from Jack and the Beanstalk....well, she came to our house and laid some golden eggs...well, she must have some genetic defect because her eggs were mostly golden with some flecks of cheap plastic poking through:

Materials needed: glue, glitter, plastic eggs, paintbrush, plastic cups.

oh and a tablecloth...this one is kind of messy.

Pour glue in cup.

Close eggs tightly and then paint evenly with glue.

Place glitter in plastic cups. Place egg in plastic cup and gently shake as the egg rolls around and gets covered in glitter. 

I could have gone back and patched up their work....but I decided to let it go. 

They will make a nice addition to our Easter table. 

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