Wednesday, March 21, 2012

dog bed tutorial

Reba's old bed has been loved to death. So I made her a new one! 

Materials Needed:
main color (cut two circles each with a 24" diameter)
contrasting color (cut a long strip 50" long, about 6" wide. If you're material isn't long enough, you can cut two 25" strips and then sew them together to make one long 50" strip)
 The bone (I chose to use the same color for the  bone as my contrasting color. Reba likes to coordinate)
double sided fusible webbing for your bone.
stuffing polyfill or other

I needed to make a perfect circle, but I don't own any tools to do that, so I had to make do at the Urban Craft Center by dumping out their yarn and turning this bin upside down to trace my circle.  

Once you've traced your circle along the back side of your main material, cut out two circles.

Using your contrasting material (or whatever you picked for the bone applique) draw and then cut out a bone that will fit inside your circle. Mine turned out fairly phallic, perhaps you'll have more luck. 

Cut out your double-sided fusible webbing to the back side of the bone and cut to fit. 

Iron on to the right side of one of the main color circles. Pin in place and sew. I used a small zig-zag stitch around the perimeter. This not only affixed my bone, but it also gave it a nice texture. 

Cut 50" x 6" of your contrasting color. This will serve as the band that connects the two big circles together. It's better to veer on the side of too long so you don't run out of fabric when it comes time to sew it all together. 

With right sides together, pin the color band to one main circle fabric...all the way around. Then sew.

Sew the band right sides faces where it comes full circle and meets again. 

Now, with right sides of the two main circles the band around that second or bottom circle. Then sew. remember to leave yourself about 6 inches at the end unsewn so you can turn the whole thing rightside out. 

You're almost there!

Once you've turned it rightside out, stuff with stuffing to your dog's preference. Then hand stitch the open gap. 

And get ready for a nap with your grateful dog!


  1. Very nice tut. Very clear. My Willow is needing a new bed soon and your instructions make me thing I can whip it up myself. Thanks! Visiting from A Round Tuit.

  2. Gorgeous little doggy bed! love the bone on top! :)

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. How very cute. I recently made a 'new' bed for our rescue Basset Hound Belle. She wants very much to get on the furniture in the house but that is not allowed here. So I took the coushion off an old love seat that we were going to send to Goodwill. It also had a same size footstool. I took the legs off the footstool; covered the bottom with some felt. Now there is a nice large 'bed' for Belle in our living room and it matches the rest of our furniture. The coushion I took to our bedroom and now she has a nice bed in there too for night time use. Belle really has enjoyed these. I am going to keep your instructions so I can make a new cover for this soon.

  4. Very cute! I wonder how large I would have to make one for my great dane?? I'm thinking a bit bigger!
    Found you through WFMW!

    (just a tip: I'm hosting a Cake Week 2012 party here: in case you're interested in joining!)

  5. I've just found your blog through Tea Rose Home's Link party! I love this dog bed. We've just got a puppy so I might have a try at making this :) Thanks for the tutorial. Maggie xx


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