Wednesday, February 1, 2012

my first baby dress

I hope my friend Julia doesn't read my blog. Julia, if you are reading, shut it down!! At least until you receive a package from me in the mail. 

For all other eyes, I made my first baby dress for her new baby girl! I was shocked to find that it actually came out looking like a dress! 

The tutorial was fabulous and easy - even for someone who has never tackled she-baby wear before. It comes from Sew Much Ado's infant peasant dress pattern. Hers looks like this:

I made a few small changes to my dress. Instead of using one piece of fabric, I choose to do mine two toned - a turquoise and purple pattern for the top and a wheat color for the bottom. I added a heart (and some extra wandering stitches...)

And instead of the rick rack for the trim I used some pretty double bias tape I'd been saving up for a special occasion. 

And of course it's fun to see my Meremade label on the things I make!

I'm not sure if this will fit baby G as it has taken me a lot longer to complete the project than I thought, but if she can't wear it, I hope at least one of her dolls can!

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  1. what a beautiful dress. Thanks for sharing...58eveningdress.


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