Sunday, February 12, 2012

chore chart

The kids have taken on more responsibilities around the house and I'll find any excuse to use the laminating machine.

I'm embarrassed to admit I went through 4 versions of the chore chart before settling on this one:

The previous versions were all text which was a bad call considering my two-year-old doesn't read.

I will say, I finally feel like I have more command over the silhouette software, although I am still running into things that stump me.

At bedtime, we review the chart and the kids mark which ones they've completed. Their daily tasks include putting away their toys, making their bed, putting their shoes in the shoe basket when they enter the house, bringing their plates to the counter after a meal, flossing and brushing their teeth and putting their clothing in the hamper.

By the end of the project, I got tired of tinkering with the days of the week font so I settled on using my stamp pad to mark the letters of the days of the week. 

We're having a pretty lazy weekend which is just fine by me! Cleaning house, friends over, a birthday party and cooking and baking.

Where's my chore chart (and more importantly, who can find a piece of paper big enough to fit all my chores??)

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