Friday, January 6, 2012

Mr. P's Lego Birthday Extravaganza!

Mr. P. turned 6 over the holiday break! 


I am a bit behind in posting this, but I wanted to share with you the special day, mostly, in case you too are interested in hosting a Lego party!

For the invitation, I went paperless with an Evite with a Lego background 

I turned the board on our Thomas Train Table upside down and glued large flat Lego pieces, so when kids arrived, they headed straight for the new Lego table. 

I gave them the challenge of collaboratively building a Lego city. 

The first group activity was inspired by Delia Creates' Lego party for her son. To check out all of her great links to resources she used for her party click here. Following her lead, I uploaded and then cut out these Lego Men and placed them in various locations throughout the house. The kids set off on a scavenger hunt to find them all. 

For the snack table, I used this yellow Lego sorting head as the inspirational centerpiece and ended up gravitating towards yellow food. 

Baby bananas, veggie booty, pineapple, cheese, carrots (okay, those are more orange than yellow). 

I found these great cupcake holders in traditional Lego colors to house the booty.

Outside I filled mason jars with Lego Duplo pieces as centerpieces. 

The next activity was a car building assembly line. I got my various relatives to stand around the house holding different car parts (one of us has a bowl of wheels, another, a flat base, etc.) 

Once the kids had constructed their own cars, they went outside to race them down the ramp that my husband built!

He built the ramp with nine lanes and they had so much fun setting their cars at the top, counting to three and watching them race down. Some then ran inside to do some construction adjustments to make their cars go faster. 

We were supposed to eat lunch outside, however, an unscheduled rainstorm happened right at lunch time making things very exciting! We scrambled to move everything into our front alcove, which is outside, but covered. 

For lunch, the kids had veggie corn dogs (Mr. P. has been a vegetarian for four months now) and Sun Chips while the adults dined on Chinese Chicken Salad. While they waited to be served, they colored coloring pages from the Lego website. 

I made a Lego Man cake:

 using a cake mold I purchased at Legoland. Even though I oiled it, it was tricky to get the cake out. 

After lunch, we went outside for the pinata 

which was filled with a variety of surprise Lego mini figures. The kids had fun trading and assembling them.

 We also threw in some Lego Candy I purchased on amazon. 

This stuff is crazy! It looks just like real Legos, tastes kind of like Sweet tarts and you can actually build with it!

Finally, it was time to say goodbye (sort of).

 The goody bags included: the racing car bases, Lego soap from Etsy 

(the shop I bought my soap from is currently not selling any Lego soap, so I've linked up to a different Etsy shop selling a similar product), Lego men Crayons from Etsy and more Lego candy!

A few kids and moms stayed for an impromptu after party that ran 4 1/2 hours over the regular party time. 

But everyone was having so much fun!

Even Doodlebop had a great time even with all the attention on his big brother. 


It was a great day and Mr. P. announced that it was the best birthday ever! Which made Mama smile!

Thank goodness birthdays only happen once a year!!!


  1. Looks like it was a fantastic party! So many fun activities, so creative, and so much love!
    Homegrown birthday parties are my favorite : )

  2. Love the Lego car ramp. Do you have tutorial to share on how it was created?


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