Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Farmer's Market Bliss (and a sick dog)

It was a bountiful trip to the Santa Monica Farmer's Market this morning!

purple artichokes, New Zealand spinach, strawberries, haricot verts, satsuma tangerines, sage, kale, cherry tomatoes and one sappote. Excited for this week's meals. 

In other news, our dog Reba is currently in the ER. When I came home this morning, she was crying and then ran over and rolled on her back at my feet. She was telling me she was sick. She has a habit of ingesting things she shouldn't (i.e. dirty diapers), but she usually leaves the evidence behind and I didn't see anything in my house. She is getting an ultrasound and I am anxiously waiting for the results. 

I did fall in love with these two brothers in the waiting room.....their owner only thought I was mildly weird for asking to take their photo. 

Hope you're having a good one. 

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  1. this is making me long for LA. kentucky is bitterly cold and the vegetables are ugly.


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