Thursday, November 17, 2011

palm springs mini vacation

Because of teacher in-service days combined with Veteran’s Day, the kids had two days off of school last week so we headed east about two hours to Palm Springs, a desert community. My parents tagged along as well which meant my husband and I got to go out to dinner! (very exciting news around these parts as that doesn't happen all that often.)

I hadn’t been there since high school, but remembered loving a place called The Living Desert, when I used to go.

Boy, had it changed! The Living Desert is part zoo, part animal and nature conservatory that used to focus on desert animals and plant life. Now it’s expanded to include an entire section on African animals and a lovely three-mile walk that loops around the grounds.

In addition to seeing many amazing creatures and cacti, we all got to feed a giraffe!
And pet a goat.

We dined. We slept. We relaxed. For the most part.

There was that incident out at the pool when two year-old Doodlebop had explosive diarrhea on a lounge chair (through the swim diaper) and then started dry heaving because he had grossed himself out so much. Good times.

Oh and then there was the morning when Doodlebop took a black oil pastel to the white leather headboard of the king-sized bed and proceeded to draw a mural two, two hours before we had to check out. Really good times.

Thank goodness for Armor All and a husband with patience. They got it all cleaned up. 

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