Monday, November 7, 2011

Once Upon A Thread

Have you heard about No Big Dill's Once Upon A Thread Series?

More on that in a minute....

But first, I wanted to apologize for my absence! It's not like me to take off for almost a week and leave you with nothing but radio silence. I have no good excuse except for my creative juices had been zapped!

This weekend I completed a draft of my second young adult novel and it just sucked everything out of me. However, the next day, I compiled a list of all of the crafts I'd like to complete during November and December and the final tally is into the teens, so I can assure you I will make up for my lack of craftiness over the next two months!

I was an avid voyeur of Katie, from No Big Dill's, Once Upon A Thread last year. Basically, it's a series where she has guest bloggers create storybook inspired garments and also invite the general population to participate. 

Here are a few of last year's entries:

I wanted to participate last year, but didn't feel as though I had the chops. This year, I've taken inspiration from one of my kids' favorite read aloud books. I'll share the outfit with you as soon as I a) finish it and b) post it to No Big Dill's Flicker Group. 

Any one else out there want to take the challenge??

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