Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Secret Garden

About a month ago I purchased a small 4 x 4 garden bed, filled with organic greens and boy, has it taken off!!!

We make regular trips to "the garden" with the kids who love to pick the produce and add it to our dinner. And, thus far, they are much more likely to eat what they have harvested, which means more veggies in their diet! Hurray!

Here are some of the lettuce varieties:

Begin an amateur lettuce grower I assumed you had to harvest the whole head once it was ready, but, no no, you can simply pull off the outer leaves and the inner leaves will just regenerate (like hair or fingernails....just what you want to be thinking about when you're picking lettuce.)

Here's our mizuna (a peppery Japanese green):

And our unusual purple and feathery dill:

Bok choy for stir fry anyone?

We also have basil, broccoli, scallions, parsley and thyme.

The garden is located where we used to have a sandbox that the neighbor's cat liked to visit and do his business. Luckily, the sprinkler system has done a nice job of keeping the cat away.... I specifically didn't plant any catnip, in case Kitty mistakenly thought the garden was just for him. 


  1. Wow it's beautiful! I want one and I think my kids would love it too. We need a balcony sized one here.

  2. Jennifer, love your blog. Now that you're farming, you'll have to be an UrbanFig Farmer of the Week. Your garden looks delicious!


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