Monday, November 28, 2011

giving thanks with the help of Martha Stewart

Did you survive Thanksgiving?

I spent the majority of the weekend setting up, cooking and cleaning followed by sheer exhaustion.(times four as we entertained each night of the holiday weekend.)

I took the kids out of the house to see the Muppet Movie while my husband stayed home with the bird. The kids lasted about 3/4 of the way through before tiring of it (don't you hate that?) and instead wanted to play on the mall play structure and climb the turtle.

I've included a few photos from our dinner that we hosted for 15. 

Later on in the week, I'll include a tutorial for these wine cork name tags:

The table was set (it had to be moved into our living room in order to fit everyone.)

The drink table was ready to go (now I'm all ready with more wine cork name tags for the next party!)

The bird was behaving:

And here's the part where I skip straight to dessert because apparently I didn't take any other photos of dinner. You can see where my priorities lie. 

This pumpkin meringue pie came from the latest Martha Stewart magazine (which I highly recommend for the's just beautiful) In the photo above, you can see my husband using the blow torch on the whipped whites. The kids all took a turn on the blow torch. 

Apparently, I should have eaten all the pie because when I woke up the next morning to have my usual post-Thanksgiving pie and coffee breakfast combo, the whites had "wept" all night long, leaving a pool of suspicious funk at the base of my pie plate. 

Live and learn. 

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