Monday, October 31, 2011

Winner and Happy Halloween!

We had a small Halloween party here on Saturday (I spent most of yesterday totally exhausted...each time I throw a party I forget how physically exhausting it is! I need to plan my "recovery" day better, i.e. NOT going to trapeze school when I should be taking it easy, but more on that in a later post!

The boys got to wear the costumes I made them: Mr. P. was a ninja and Doodlebop was a "ninja's" dog.

I dressed as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas...but just ended up scaring all the kids. 

And maybe some of the adults too...

There were some activities:

pasta skeletons

balloon toss:

cookie decorating:

At one point I caught Doodle sitting by himself at the cookie station literally squeezing black frosting into his mouth. Now, why did I make his costume white???

There was lots of food (still eating leftovers!)

And our friends concocted this very clever "brain" out of a watermelon. Delicious! 

But mostly, it was just kids running amuck in costumes.

And husbands running amuck in costumes.

Good times. Good Friends!! (Here's Doodle with his BFF - a marshmallow)

Happy Trick or Treating everyone!!!

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