Thursday, October 6, 2011

Etsy L.A.

So , two weeks ago, I attended the Hello Etsy Los Angeles event held at the top of Mulholland Blvd. at Tree People.  (an environmental group aimed at planting and preserving native trees.)

I was a bit distracted during the second half of the event because that’s when I got the message that Doodlebop was is the ER getting four staples to the head.

However, I wanted to share with you some information I received in case it may help you with your blog or online store.

The tickets to the event were free and apparently 200 participants RSVP'd, but I think only about 60 of showed up. 

The idea at the heart for this event was really the notion that one person can spark change.

The first panel consisted of Juliet Gorman, Etsy’s Editorial Director, Mark Barker, GM Membership Development at GOOD and Terese Tarantino Greco, communications manager at Tree People.

The morning Keynote Speaker was Grace Kim of GOOD Magazine as well as Micki Krimmel ( and Dana Maueiello (ProFounder). It was interesting to hear about resources available for small business owners. For example, ProFounder is a way for a Small Business to write a business proposal and open it to the public to find investors. A few other business that can help you get your own original logo for around $50 include 99 Designs and Crowdspring

Lunch was from Heirloom L.A. – my new favorite lunch truck featuring organic farmer’s market harvest. Check out their website packed with  mouthwatering  recipes! Their food looks so rustic and fresh!

At Lunch, Andy Lipkis, founder of TreePeople spoke to us about TreePeople’s inception, another example of how one person can make a huge difference.

I participated in A Swap and Meet where we got to meet other Etsy owners and exchange successful ideas. The idea was that we would each place Post Its on each other's business boards either offering up suggestions for specific goals or assistance in achieving these goals (i.e. feature a blogger on your blog in exchange for a giveaway of their product. Everybody wins!)

I also learned about the Etsy Seller Handbook (A useful resource) and Etsy's "team"program where you can find mentors as well as pool resources. 

And finally Learning Finance 101 where I learned how to track and manage the numbers.
The best part of this day was getting to meet other bloggers / crafters / Etsy store owners. I'm not too worried about this one yet because in order to worry about taxes on Etsy, you have to actually open up a shop and make money (I've done neither yet, but soon!) 

But there were some good strategies about how to operate. For example, recognize the kind of people who are buying. Check out who "likes" you and places you as a "favorite".  Make the most cost-effective product ideas. 

It was also revealed that Etsy is starting a new system whereby sellers can buy ads (for around $5 a week) instead of just listing the most recent items. 

But most of all, I walked away with pages and pages of brainstorming ideas....crafts to make, things to sell, places to market them. All exciting stuff. 

I feel like I am just a few steps away from opening my Etsy shop and entering this new world!!

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