Sunday, October 16, 2011

backyard cinema

A few weeks ago, the weather was still beautiful in the evening and we decided to hold our inaugural "movie night" in the backyard for a few of our kids' friends and family. Our boys decided we'd be screening Rio and my husband got to work turning our backyard driveway / garage into a surround sound theater al fresco. 

He "borrowed" the projector from work and projected the movie onto our white garage door, which transformed into the perfect screen (for you teachers out there or other who have access to a projector - it really can make any blank wall into a movie screen!)

I even made up with my Silhouette machine and printed these movie night popcorn bag labels. 

While the kids watched the movie, the parents got to socialize: everybody wins!
Our only little snafu was that it really did take a while for the sun to go down, so we had to start the movie while it was still a little light out. The kids brought over their own blankets, bean bags and pj's and midway through the film I came around with fresh chocolate chip cookies and milk. 

And just like that, a new tradition was born!


  1. We used to do this in our old neighborhood and the kids (and adults) loved it! For Christmas we had hot cocoa for the kids and vin chaud for us, yum!

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