Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sew Woodsy

I have to say that I am a bit of a notebook junkie, so today's guest post has me all a twitter.
I cannot seem to walk into a stationary store without coming home with a new notebook. I have one for craft ideas, party planning, home decorating, writing ideas, article ideas, to do lists...I mean the list goes on and on. 

Luckily Katie of Sew Woodsy is here to show us how to make a notebook (so I can stop spending money at stationary stores!!)

I first virtually met Katie through her "What's up Wednesday" link party. But quickly learned that her site had much more to offer!

Check out this unique Stenciled tray and tea light votives. Who wouldn't want a spot of tea served on this?

Here's a tutorial for a Double Ruffle Pillow. I love all the texture this pillow has.

Not that you'd want to actually do a yoga class in a skirt, but here's a tutorial to make a skirt out of the same comfy material as yoga pants. 

And my favorite, a homemade bean bag toss. I definitely want to somehow use a version of this at our Halloween party this year.  


Hi, my name is Katie and I am the author and voice of Sew Woodsy. I'm a Marketing professional with a love for crafts and cooking. I have the most amazing (and talented) husband, and I'm a proud mama to a Yorkie named Lola. Pretty much all of my free time is spent with my husband "Mr. Woodsy", my dog, and my blogs. Yes, you read that correctly--blogs is plural. I'm also the author of Katie's Cucina. I'll be back later this month to talk about cooking! I've also recently became a design team member for the Bowdabra blog, to add to my ever growing list of responsibilities. Staying busy keeps me sane. 

Your probably wondering how Sew Woodsy started? After living in our home for a year and constantly working on home renovation projects we were constantly giving updates to friends and family on the status of our projects. That's when I decided to take the plunge and start a blog. Sew Woodsy was born last August as a way to document our home/DIY projects along with all other craft related projects. I considered us as a husband and wife craft team. With our two creative minds combined we can get knee deep into a project without even realizing it! Mr. Woodsy is a hobby woodworker and home renovation expert. The man seriously knows how to do just about everything! How lucky am I? I consider myself a beginner sewer and an avid crafter! 

I'm here today to share with you an easy and fun back-to-school craft to get your children excited about going back to school! The best part about these notebooks is that you can truly customize them to any person. I made this one for my friend Christy's daughter. Chloe started Kindergarten a few week's ago, she's crafty at a young age, and I know she will love this notebook! Meet the customized notebook! 

Composition Notebook
Mod Podge & Foam Brush
Scrapbook Paper, Ruler, Pencil
Scissors, Exacto Knife, Adhesive Runner
Ric Rac, Floral Embellishments
Name Cut-Out, Glue Gun 

First you will want to choose your paper. Once you've chosen your paper, secure the paper with a light adhesive runner prior to painting the mod podge on the notebook. (This will ensure that you keep the paper in place when you start to trim around the paper.) 

 Next, you will want to trace around the notebook, and then cut the paper. 

 Now you can begin applying the Mod Podge. 

You will want to paint a thin coat of Mod Podge onto the composition notebook. I peeled half of the paper back, painted the mod podge on. Pushed down and smoothed out to make sure no bubbles were present. Then repeated on the other side, pulling that side of the paper up. This ensures that the paper will stay in place, and not slip and show any portion of the original cover. *You will want to follow the same steps for the back of the notebook. I added multiple scraps on the back of my notebook to make it different. 

After the notebook has dried you will want to take an exact knife and trim around the notebook. 

Next, you will want to gather all of your supplies that will go on the front cover. 

I cut a small piece of paper to fit the size of the die-cut letters, and then stamped out a scallop edge.

Next, you will want to heat up the hot glue gun. Smear hot glue on each end of the ric rac. When you go to cut the ric rac it will not fray! 

Now, attach your ric rac to the spine. 

Cut the ends off the ric rac to match the composition books length.

Next you will want to adhere your floral embellishments. 

*I used a hot glue gun because my paper had a glitter sheen to it. 

Your customized notebook is finished! 

Just a few simple paper crafts from your home can really jazz up a plain composition notebook. 

Here is what both the front and back of the notebook look like! 

I can't wait to give the notebook to Chloe! 

Hope you enjoyed my notebook tutorial and make a few of your own! 


  1. Thank you so much for having me share a project on your blog today!

  2. Thanks for being here! I am excited to add these notebooks to my collection (and they would make such great back-to-school gifts!)

  3. Oooh, love this! Thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to try this :)

  4. I love customizing notebooks -- yours is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Love the notebook! I am pinning this!

    I am a new follower from the Show and Tell Blog Hop. If you have a moment stop by and say hi!

  6. The paper/color combos on this notebook are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the instructions and linking to ABC's show and tell this week.

  7. I love all the color and detail, so cute!


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