Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sew Tara

After some serious technical glitches that left me realizing I am so NOT a computer whiz, (I apologize 
for the odd font and spacing in this is 
all my doing and no fault of our visitor!
I am happy
to report that Tara of Sew Tara is visitng today 

to share with us a wonderful organizational project.

But first, let’s check out what she’s been working 
on lately!

I love this snack pouch tutorial. It’s a great way 
to utilize scraps.


And this DIY Little Notebook would be perfect for keeping track of grocery lists or kid meals. And the best part is the paper comes from recycled materials!

Another DIY favorite on her site: the DIY Clipboard Makeover. Apice up any PTA meeting! (Actually, that would be a cute gift to give fellow committee members or work partners or students….)

And finally, in preparation for holiday season, Gift Tags! I think these are just so sweet. And I love what a great effect a splash of fabric has on paper.

Now, on with the show!


Now that it's back to school time things are a little busier in our house. 
I'm a teacher and with 1 in SK and having to get the kids out the door and 
over to the sitter I can use some help. This year I work in the mornings 
and not being a morning person doesn't help when I have to get 3 people 
ready and out the door.
I usually lay out all of our clothes the night before and now I've come 
up with a handy little DIY that can help us all do it for the whole 
school week!

You will need:
Fabric for the tote bodies (you will be cutting 10 8x8 pieces)
Contrasting fabric for cutting the letters 
(I used a charm pack I had lying around.
Ribbon for the handles
Heat and Bond (really helpful but not necessary)
The first step is to cut your letters. I was planning on getting all
 fancy and cutting mine with my Cricut but I decided to just give it 
a go and do it by hand. Once I saw the size of my letters I decided 
that 8x8 would be a good size for the tote bags. I have 2 little boys
 so I'm only tossing some socks and underwear in there. If you have 
girls and might be including hair accessories or tights you may want 
to make your totes a tad bigger.
Cut your 8x8 tote pieces, set aside. Cut Heat and Bond as backing 
for your letters. This product saves a lot of time and allows 
you to just iron on your letters rather than having to sew them
 all around. If you like the look of stitching on top you can
 still do that of course, the Heat and Bond just makes extra
 sure those letters aren't fraying or budging!
Iron the letters onto the bag tote front pieces. So 5 will get
 letters, 5 will stay blank.
Now you've got 10 squares of tote worthy fabric. We need to hem 
the top edge. So turn the fabric down to make a little hem, I did 
about 1/2 inch, press and sew.
At this point you could make yourself handles using coordinating 
fabric but I looked up and my ribbon collection was staring back 
at me so I choose to go to the easy route. Attach the ribbon 
slightly off center on the tote pieces. So sew it left of the 
center line on one piece and right of the center line on the other.
 If you lay it all out it will look like mine.
So you've created a loop to hang over the hanger.
Place the tote pieces right sides together and stitch around the 3 
raw edges. And you are done!
If you happen to have some of those hangers from the store lying 
around you can use those to hang a top and bottom and then slip a 
handy little tote with the right day of the week on it over the 
hanger, fill with needed accessories, in my case socks, underwear 
and a diaper.
Hang in a handy spot (like on my linen closet door) and you're 
ready to go!
Oh and keep the empty ones in a safe place. This picture is moments 
after Nate saying 'Thanks Mom' and wandering off with 
the Tuesday-Friday


  1. The link to isn't working. :( I wanted to see the clipboard tutorial!

  2. Sorry about that! here you go!!


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