Friday, September 23, 2011

Guest Post: Misty from The Creative Itch

Only one more week of Back to School month! Waaah! (are you as sad as I am?) 

I successfully dropped both of my munchkins off at school without any tears being shed for the first time yesterday (both on my end and on theirs) so that felt pretty good. 

Mr. P. is getting into the swing of kindergarten (apparently they get to spend tomorrow in a bathing suit and dancing all day).

And Doodlebop is slowly adjusting to life in preschool...although I'm coming home with a plethora of plastic bags filled with pee pee clothing. He's not quite catching on to the whole potty training movement. Ah well.....

In other, less leaky news, we have Misty from The Creative Itch visiting us today! 

Misty is the mom of 5 children! Yes, I said 5! (makes me laugh to think what I'd be like with 5 kids because I can barely make it through the day with two!) And she loves to craft, sew and create with them! 

Here is a Paper Bag Birthday Banner. I love the blending of paper products and fabric! 

And here is her "boy" version of her pinwheel card. So cute!!!

And this is such a great post-Halloween activity! Candy wrapper bracelets! I am totally going to collect all my kids' wrappers and make a stash of these! (I know she already shared these below...but they're my favorite! I couldn't leave them out!)

Misty also hosts a weekly sewing round up called "Super Cute Tuesdays". Today she's sharing a great craft recycling project with us! Take it away, Misty!

Hi everyone!!  I'm Misty from Creative Itch!!
I'm a Stay-at-Home-Mom of 5 wonderful kids, have been married for 13 fabulous years to my best friend, and love anything and everything crafty!
Each week, I host 'Sew Cute Tuesday', a linky party for sewing projects!! 
I'm a beginner when it comes to sewing, and always find at least one project that gets added to my 'To Do List' each week!!  I'd love for you to link your sewing projects...make sure you come visit on Tuesdays!! 
Lately I've been on a recycling kick.  I've had fun making Candy Wrapper Button Earrings... well as Soda Can Earrings...
...and even Candy Wrapper Bracelets...
Today I'm going to share with you a fun way to recycle pull tab cans.
These Pull-Tab Treat Cans would make a fun addition to your kids' lunch boxes, or even a great gift for a teacher or friend!
Let's get started, shall we?!  Here's what you'll need:
*1- Fruit Can with a pull tab on top (I used an 8.75 oz. can of peaches)
*1- Safety Can Opener
*1- 3.75"x8.75" piece of scrapbook paper
*ribbon & other embellishments
*hot glue gun
*scrapbook adhesive
First, using your safety can opener, open your can from the BOTTOM.  Empty the fruit out of the can and wash both the can and the bottom lid well.  Dry thoroughly.
Adhere the 3.75"x8.75" piece of scrapbook paper around the can, and decorate as desired.
Fill the can with candy, leaving a 1/4" to 1/2" head space.
Put some hot glue on the edge of the bottom lid and quickly place back on the can.
And there you have it...easy peasy!!
You can get really creative and use other items besides candy to go inside the cans as well.  How about putting a few bracelets and maybe some earrings inside?  Or what about some small toys?  The sky's the limit!!
Thanks for letting me be a part of Back to School Month!!


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