Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guest POST: Zoe of Captain Crafty!

I just love this blog to pieces! First of all...she has cows! She has chickens!! (What I wouldn't do for a small chicken coop in my Los Angeles yard!) She has the best crafts for her small kids! It reminds me a lot of fact I think she's living the Waldorf lifestyle!

She's always encouraging creativity. I love this idea of a magnetic table where kids gets to tinker with washers and screws:

And these t-shirts recycled into baby bonnets are just so cute!

She dyed these scarves for her kids to play with. 

And look at these incredible dolls she makes!!

We do little things around the house to cut down on our earth footprint - how we pack school lunches is a part of that. We skip juice boxes and send water in reusable canteens, we don't buy individually portioned snacks, we use reusable sandwich bags and I send real silverware and cloth napkins.

When my little boys head off to preschool I pack their lunches with my very own hand made napkins. I am way too lazy to actually fold, iron, and hem them though. The great thing about Kona Cotton is you can let the edges fray for a shabby chic look. You can make these napkins in just a few minutes and they can easily by stitched by hand too. Add a pocket for tucking silverware inside or a loving note of encouragement.

So sweet and fun to send so much love off with your little ones!

Print out a Captain Crafty Project Sheet and make your own School Lunch Napkins!

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  1. I will definitely gonna try to make school lunch napkins. All the stuff that u have posted is soo creative and amazing.


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