Thursday, September 29, 2011

GUEST POST: Holly of 504 Main

I first became acquainted with Holly's 504 Main blog through her Friday Linky parties. Always such fun to be had there!

How good does this look? Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail (it's never too early to drink champagne)

And I love the details on this homemade textured leaf pot:

She even adorns walls: accessorizing with stencils and chalk:

And how impressed would your kids be if you whipped up a batch of these pretzel "fries"?

Today, Holly is going to share with you tips on how to assemble a School Organizer (we could all use a little more organization in our lives, right?)

 I am enjoying all of these back to school ideas and projects...
hope you are too!
Guess what...we have been back to school since August...
in fact we are getting ready for our Fall Break!


I am perpetually disorganized, so I am just getting around to putting together our School Organizers. These very EASY organizers are actually more than just for school they are for life.

Joe's current binder

Joe's original Preschool binder (2005)

When I had one kiddo, I could keep it all straight in my head...but with 2 in school...not a chance!

So, while I have been doing this since my son started preschool, back then it was for memory it is necessity.

Now, let me preface this by saying you can jazz these guys up as much as you want. I chose to keep mine simple. It is all personal preference!

Here is how I keep my kids school/activity/sports schedules on track (and more importantly me on track) !


Supplies (per binder):

  • 3 ring binder. I like a minimum of 2"
    1-2 packages
  • Clear sheet protectors
  • Tabbed dividers


    1.  I like the clear view binders, so that on the cover, I can insert the school year schedule (info at a glance!)

    2.  I also include a sheet in the front with a copy of the emergency info and all necessary school numbers/email...just in case my hubby needs to be updated or I am out of town, etc.

    3.  Label each binder with the kiddos name - I just simply used stickers to put their names on the spine.

      4.  Determine your categories. For example, my son's categories are: school rules/info, band, class rules/info, activities, sports (also subdivided as different sports begin), memories, science camp, and Cub Scouts. My daughter attends 2 different preschools, so she has one section for each preschool rules/info, one for writing practice, one for special art (hand prints, etc.), there is also a section for her sports and activities.

      5.  Slide the pertinent information into sheet protectors and insert in the correct section.

      I like to keep about 5 extra empty sheet protectors in each section to make it easy to slip new info in. 

        And that is it! Easy Peasy.

        You want to know my favorite part of this...
        apart from not forgetting anything or losing important paperwork...
        I discover cute things like this: my son and daughter's self-portraits
        (same age, same school, 6 years apart!

         Thanks Jennifer for inviting me to be a part of your Back to School Month!

        Come on by and say hi at Main Street - 504 Main that is...

        There's all kinds of crafting and DIYing over there.

        I also cook, bake, and chat about other fun stuff...

        like my crazy busy life and my 2 kiddos!

        504 Main

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