Monday, September 26, 2011

Free Giveaway!! Peas and Queues and an interview...

Have I got a treat for you today!!! Not only do you get an interview with an incredible children's fashion designer with her own line, but Anasuya of Peas and Queues is also offering a free giveaway! (See the end of this post for how to enter the free giveaway).

I have known Anasuya since middle school, but we didn't become close until we ended up as neighbors in L.A. about six or seven years ago. I was pregnant with Mr. P. at the time and she was the mother of a two-year old boy and "that" friend who passed along all of her great parenting advice. Since I've moved across town, I don't get to see her nearly as much as I'd like! Not only is she an incredible friend, but she just oozes creativity!! So I wasn't surprised when she and a friend launched Peas and Queues children's clothing this past year!

Below is an interview with Anasuya:

Q. How did you get into the fashion industry?

A. I decided in the 4th grade I was going to be a fashion designer, just like my grandmother was in NYC in the 20's.  she went to Parsons and worked in the city for many years before having a family.  I followed in her footsteps, going to Otis Parsons (Now just Otis school of design), majored in fashion design, and have been working as a designer ever since graduating in 1997.

Q. How has your relationship with sewing changed since it has moved from a hobby to a job?

 A. Honestly, I got burnt out in school. It was a very strenuous program and we learned how to make patterns for and sew everything from doll clothes and bathing suits to men's suits and ballgowns.  Nowadays, I pretty much only sew for my kids, and usually only if it's something I can not find already made.  Halloween costumes are usually handmade.

A. As the mother of two children, how do you find the time to complete everything you need to get done in the course of a day?

 Q. Its HARD!!  I feel like most nights I work once the kids go to bed, and weekends I always have something to do for the business as well.  My youngest just started preschool, but now even with both kids in school it is really hard to get everything done in the day, especially when I have to leave to pick up the kids at 2:30.  I am very appreciative though that I can spend the time with them now. So I would much rather work in my spare time, than have a babysitter or someone else do it.

Q. What is your inspiration for your fashion line?

A. Of course my kids, but also I like to take inspiration from women's ready-to-wear.  I think a lot of children's apparel lacks what is currently stylish and trendy.  I have mostly a women's wear background, so not only is it what I am used to, but it has always been what I look to buy for my own kids.  I'd like to buy them something I would be wearing myself, and I hope other parents feel the same way!

Q. How did you come up with the name...Peas and Queues

A. Just brainstorming actually.  I thought of it first because of the saying mind your p's and q's, but then found out it has an apparel reference as well - a long time ago in Europe it was a saying meaning, "don't for get your peas (pea coats) and queues (wigs)."

Q.What advice can you give to my fellow crafters/ sewers / creators? 

A. Keep at it!  Whether you start your own business and make millions, or just create beautiful things for your loved ones and friends, it is a great gift you can give your family and generations to come.
 Thanks so much, Anasuya, for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to speak with us!!!

And the moment you've all been waiting for!! One lucky winner will receive $25 dollars to spend at Peas and Queues online store! Click here to peruse the amazing children's wear!

To enter this giveaway...all you have to do is leave a comment at the end of this post. U.S. mailing addresses only please. And it would make me smile if you'd also become a follower (but this is not a requirement to win.)

This giveaway will close at 11:59 ET on Friday, September 30th. A winner will be chosen on Saturday, October 1st. 


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