Monday, August 1, 2011

Totally 80's Nails

This is kind of a silly post, but I had to share my new nails...because they're so fun!

They remind me of a pair of 80's Vans.  

They literally took less than 10 minutes to apply. They go on like stickers and then I just used nail clippers to cut / shape them. It says on the box they last about 2 days, but I'm going on day 3 and there's no sign of them coming off. (although, if I wanted them off, I could easily peel them off). 

I purchased them at Sephora, and although I can't find them on their site right now, click here and you'll be directed to the same brand I used only animal print. They give you such a long strip, I can get at least 3 applications out of one pack. 


  1. THIS IS NOT SILLY! This is news we NEED to know. I've been wanting to get some for my 10 year old. I didn't know you could get them at Sephora. She'd love this print. May the 80's reign SUPREME!!!

  2. Simone Schneider Barton-GrimleyAugust 7, 2011 at 10:51 PM

    Those are so cool! I never have time to do my nails and I am totally going to get some!


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