Wednesday, August 24, 2011

tie 'em up!

Last weekend we went to a wedding with the kids - their first together (Mr. P. was a ring bearer when he was 2/5) and I was set on making bow ties for them. 

I had purchased this great turquoise and white silk pattern in a sale bundle for a mere $2.00!!

Of course I blew it off until the last possible moment. So the night before I frantically scoured the Internet for some bow tie patterns. I settled on A Lemon Squeezy Home's bow tie tutorial which looked like it was relatively easy and produced puffy bow ties. 

Problem was, the clock was ticking and I was getting tired. I still hadn't packed for San Diego (about two and a half hours south of L.A.) So when I got to the part where you take the small 2 1/2" by 4" piece to cinch the bow tie together, I took the easy way out. 

Instead, I cut a very long, thin piece of fabric, tied it around the center of the bow tie and began wrapping it again and again and again (to make it look like the knot in the center). I then tucked it under itself in the back and continued along with the tutorial...adding the straps and the Velcro. 

Saved me at least 35 minutes of much-needed sleep!!! I would like to try the tutorial the real way someday......(but I'm not sure anyone will invite my kids to a wedding again!)

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