Saturday, August 13, 2011

a place to put the pirate booty

Tomorrow, one of Mr. P.'s closest friend is having his 6th birthday party at the beach. 

I had been holding on to this particular duffel bag tutorial for a while now, hoping a special occasion would come up. 

The tutorial comes from Saltwater Kids and it called the Retro Duffel Bag. It was quite easy to follow (the detailed photos really helped!)

I will say two things about the tutorial:

1. While it says you need 16 ½” X 5” for the zipper lining - you actually need TWO of these pieces (which becomes obvious as you read through the tutorial, but being a literalist, it took me a while to confirm my suspicions that something was amiss.)
2. My fabric store did not have any "jean" / "denim" material that was not a boring old blue jean - so I went with canvass stripes instead. Any thicker material will do. 

Doodle checks out the goods
In the middle of this sewing project, my machine had a nervous breakdown, so I had to jet over to Urban Craft Center for 45 minutes to frantically finish the project (thank you husband for watching the kids!). 

Today I took the machine apart and gave it a good cleaning. Lots of lint. I mean...lots! How often is one supposed to clean their machine??

To my delight my machine recovered quickly from all of its "issues" and we are friends again. 

Doodle wants one. Doodle needs one.
 I can't say the same thing about my Silhouette. Maybe we need therapy??

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