Tuesday, August 30, 2011

diy dino-mat tutorial

You haven't really lived until you've heard a two-year-old try and pronounce brachiosaurus. 

Seriously.The sheer cuteness of it could rock the Earth off its axis. 

It's been dino-central over here at our little homeschooling adventure / 10 more days til kids start school bonanza. 

We went downtown to the Museum of Natural History to check out the new Dinosaur exhibit. It's the first one ever to house the bones of an adult, adolescent and baby T-Rex. Pretty cool!

While my 2 and 5 year olds aren't really ones to take it all in slowly, they did manage to touch real dinosaur bones, egg fossils and marvel at some really large skeletons!

Their gift store purchase was a set of 15 small dinosaur figures and we needed a place to play with them, so we came up with the idea of a Dino-Mat. 

First, we had a meeting to discuss what the word "habitat" means. 

Then, we had a conversation about things they'd like to see in their Dinosaur Habitat. Their choices included:
a cave
a mud pit
a volcano

I drew a square to represent the sheet and they drew in where they wanted each object to be, so by the end, we had a map or drafted plan for where to put everything.

volcano and mud pit

Everyone took turns cutting out and layering and drawing on the felt. Then we glued the felt pieces to the mat and let it dry overnight. 

Now their dinosaurs have a place to call home!

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