Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sihouette Machine!

Mr. Postman brought me a new toy!!!

A silhouette machine!

I've been watching various bloggers make some amazing things using the Silhouette and I wanted in on the fun!

I will say this so far.....

I find it kind of complicated!! I'm hoping it's just the newness of it all, kinda like learning a new language (did I mention I'm taking Spanish lessons this summer as well??) I remember I had the same feeling of "I'll never learn how to use this" the first time I used a sewing a year and a half ago. 

I also have a variety of questions that perhaps you, dear readers, can help me sort out. But I'll leave those for another time. 

For now, I will present to you the only thing I've successfully been able to cut with the Silhouette: A tree. 


  1. What a sweet postman you have! My friend has one and she learned quite quickly. I think it's fairly easy to learn to use. You're going to love it -- I've seen some awesome projects floating around.

  2. Oh! I noticed that yesterday and thought it was lovely but didn't even think to ask. You are so crafty.


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