Friday, July 22, 2011

Kid-Friendly Activities Roundup

In a few weeks, my son will be out of summer camp and home for three (long?) weeks until he starts kindergarten, which means that I'll be home full time with 2 kids under 5. 

I asked what Mr. P. wanted to do during this time, and without hesitation, he proclaimed, "home school!" We live in Los Angeles - a booming metropolis where home school is not a very common alternative, so I wondered where he even learned this term. 

Then I remembered! He learned it from some of you! Yes, as I scour the web visiting all of your lovely and inspirational blogs, I often come across homeschooling families who post about all of the amazing things they are doing with their kids! There are moments when I feel like I want to home school (being an ex elementary school teacher - I miss creating a curriculum and I love the idea of stepping away from traditional schooling. 

But I also love the idea of my son going off to Kindergarten, truth be told. 

I digress....

My point is, that I did one day explain to him the option of homeschooling and he really took to it, so much so that he is now requesting his three weeks off to be spent "homeschooling." Even after I mentioned that electronics of any kind are banned from my home school. 

He is still on board. 

What is my point? I've forgotten....but here is a list of activities to do with small kids - should you be looking for some time to fill.....

A very long winded, 

Do it yourself pinwheels with Style Me Pretty

Nature Bracelets with Maya Made

Make your own Sidewalk Chalk with Art Mind

Homemade Scented Finger paint with Almost Unschoolers

Homemade Kite with Made by Joel

Leaf Prints with Lilly Ella

Make Your Own Bubble Wand with While She Naps

Your kids now have no excuse to utter the dreaded words, "I'm bored!!!"

Happy crafting!


  1. Ms. Meremade, do you know of ThePioneerWoman ("P-Dub")? She's got a homeschooling roundup on her blog (brought to her by other homeschooling moms) and I just saw this posted:
    The homeschool 3 weeks with Mr. P sounds so much fun! I would love to participate...too bad I think those are going to be a suuuuper-busy 3 weeks for us! ;)

  2. Thanks for this site, Kasey! If this is the same woman I'm thinking of, I think she was featured in the New Yorker a few months back as one of those hugely successful bloggers!! Her homeschooling section is GREAT! Thanks for passing this along!


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