Friday, July 15, 2011

Does Oak Park Really Hate Veggies?

Can you believe the nerve of Oak Park, Michigan resident Julie Bass? She had the audacity to plant a vegetable garden in planters in her front lawn. I mean…the nerve!!!!!

Okay, that was sarcasm…but in all seriousness, this veggie-loving neighbor is now facing 93 days in jail!

photo courtesy of Julie Bass
Who knew vegetables could be so subversive!

You can follow her blog and this story at Oak Park Hates Veggies.

Meanwhile, we’re hunkering in for Carmaggedon here. It’s kind of like waiting for a snowstorm without the snow. 

Just a flurry of traffic.


  1. Oooops. Poor Julie. As for me I love my vegetables. But, I choose to grow 'em in the backyard. Less drama.

  2. Definitely less drama, Nicki! But who could have predicted that someone's hot button would be veggies grown in the front yard?


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