Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ahora, yo hablo un poco de español

At the beginning of summer, some friends of mine from grad school and I made a pact that we would take Spanish lessons and then meet up once in a while to practice speaking, eat tapas or burritos and drink tequila. 

We each ordered The Rosetta Stone. 

There was a choice between Catalan and Latin American Spanish....we went with Latin American (much to the chagrin of our British friend whose vote was for Spanish from Spain.) 

I am completely embarrassed that having lived in Los Angeles my whole life, a city where well over 40% of the population speaks Spanish, I never learned this language! Shameful!

I did however spend many a year taking French and have found that since they are both Romance languages, they have a lot in common (word roots, verb conjugation, etc.) So I am finding that I am zipping right along in my classes. (My husband has already put in his request for Rosetta Stone's Vietnamese classes.)

I take one class (lasting anywhere from 5 - 25 minutes) each day if and when Doodlebop naps. I wear a special headset that I can speak into in order to perfect my pronunciation. In three weeks I feel as though I've learned so much already: colors, verbs, food vocabulary, animal names and greetings and salutations. 

You can also play online language games with other people from around the globe as well as brush up on your conversational skills with free one on one tutoring. 

Sadly, mis amigos and I have all been too busy to get together and drink I mean..practice. 

Maybe next week??



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