Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Greek-Inspired Brunch

I'm married to a Greek - which means our home feels warm and festive, filled with lots of Greek food and even an occasional trip to Greece. 


One of my favorite meals when we visited Santorini a few years ago was the incredibly varied Greek breakfast that we had at our hotel. It was one of those meals where you really had to only eat once a day because so much food was involved. 

This is pretty much what we did after all that eating!!


In a moment of nostalgia, I invited my parents and sister over for a "Greek Brunch". I'm using that word loosely because my husband kept running around the kitchen watching what i was doing saying, "that's not Greek!"

We even got to eat outside! We had  fage yogurt and honey, cheese, baguette, 

poached eggs, 

homemade granola (see my recipe here!),

bell pepper, feta and cilantro salad, 

and my husband made frappes which can be found in Greece and other places in Europe. They're so good! I really didn't want to mess them up so I let my husband make them. Here's his authentic Greek frappe:

2 teaspoon of instant coffee
fill cup an inch high with water
use immersion blender to whip it or just shake until frothy (it will fill up the glass pretty high)
add milk and ice

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