Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tooth Pillow Tutorial

On a recent visit to the pediatric dentist, we found out that, according to x-rays, Mr. P's baby bottom teeth should be wiggling loose in the next few months. This was big news!

It called for a sewing project.

I present you with the Tooth Pillow Tutorial: A tooth-shaped plushie with a pillow mouth to store teeth in.

There's lots of wiggle room here (pun intended) for variation. You can get fancier with the eyes and general facial expression by gluing, instead of sewing these pieces on. The mouth should be sewn though, in order to create a pocket for the tooth.

Materials Needed:

White felt
Black felt
scrap material
fabric marker
glue (if gluing eyes instead of sewing)
cotton (or other) batting

Sketch the shape of your tooth onto the white felt using a fabric marker. Cut out two pieces of this tooth shape. My tooth ended up being about the size of my hand, so the shape I cut out was about two inches wider than that. 

Using one piece of tooth fabric, pin and then sew a semi circle along the edge I've indicated. You'll want to leave the top open as this will serve as your pocket. 

Sew or glue the eyes to your tooth now as well (And any other facial features you may want.)

Place your two tooth pieces right sides together (so you don't see any facial features) and sew the two teeth together, leaving about a two-inch gap (see below.)

Carefully turn your tooth inside out. Because those roots are narrow, I used a capped pen to help push them right side out. You may have a fancier tool. 

Begin stuffing your tooth to the fullness you'd like. (I like me a firm tooth)

Fold material inward and hand sew the two inch gap together. 

Using a string, attach your child's tooth to the nearest doorknob and slam! Just kidding! Patiently wait for your child's loose tooth to fall out and have them place their tooth in the pillow!

As the tooth fairy, what do you give your child???


  1. HOW cute is that!?! I made a tooth fairy pillow many, many years ago but never thought to make it in the shape of a tooth! Clever you are! :)

  2. Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  3. What a cute and huggable tooth! Love the rainbow smile!

  4. Love it! This project was featured over at this week's Doggone Dirty Craftin link party. Come by and grab a button.

  5. this is super cute. THanks for sharing.


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